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国储名医 血栓病患者的福音 跨界发展 2024相约新年 国储名医 血栓病患者的福音 跨界发展 2024相约新年

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Good news for patients with thrombosis disease Cross-border development in 2024 to meet in the New Year



Li Wenyi, inheritor of traditional Chinese medicine culture, chief producer of the cinema film "Love at 3:30", congratulations A New Year film will be released in cinemas nationwide on December 29





Mr.Li Wenyi was born in the 1960s, giving people the impression of elegant elegance and wisdom. I learned from the referees that President Li was a celebrity in Dalian as early as 25 years ago. He has been engaged in cultural media, business and management for more than 30 years. He is known as a caring entrepreneur and a senior expert in commercial real estate in northeast China. Currently, he is the chairman of Dalian Asia Film and Television Culture and Media Co., LTD., the president of China Northern Division of Hollywood Film Academy, the chairman of the Northeast China Division jury of Cannes International Micro Film Organizing Committee, France, and the chief producer of the cinema film "Love at 330".



As for Dalian's cultural film and television industry, Li Wenyi believes that culture is the key to leading the development and social progress of a city, while film and television works are the best expression form of the cultural industry.



Cinema movie "love at 330" is by Dalian film and television culture media co., LTD., and Dalian gold bina film and television culture development co., LTD., with the Hollywood film academy, Canadian film and television academy, Canada CIFI media group and other international giants and domestic well-known enterprises, China film and television industry group, wide international media group team, the film main shot all in Dalian.


In the movie Love at 3:30 (released nationwide on December 29,2023), we meet different characters, and their stories let us re-examine the definition and value of love. Following a romantic and comic love story, the film shows how the protagonists pursue their own happiness and the joys and sorrows they experience.




National release on December 29th!


Cinema producer: Asia World Film Media...


TikTok Search- -theatrical movie "love at 3:30" pay attention to, comment interaction!


Pre-sale will be fully launched!


National doctors is committed to cultural inheritance, thrombosis specialist alliance, rehabilitation of stroke hemiplegia, lupus erythematosus, cancer and other difficult diseases, brand guarantee, contract service, invalid refund.


National reserve famous doctor Asia world film and television, cross-border integration, healthy China, happy family.

全国院线、猫眼、快手、微信、微博、B站,西瓜视频、小红书直通车!国储名医集团、中医文化传承人、电影出品人、总制片人李文艺、亚世影视&金百纳影视与相约初见,惊喜跨年,人生若只如初见!National cinema line, Maoyan, Kuaishou, wechat, Weibo, B station, watermelon video, little red book through train! National Reserve famous doctor Group, traditional Chinese medicine culture inheritor, film producer, chief producer Li Wenyi, Asia World Film & Television & Jin Baina Film and Television and meet first, surprise New Year, life if only as first!


National cinema line, Maoyan, Kuaishou, wechat, Weibo, B station, watermelon video, little red book through train! National Reserve famous doctor Group, traditional Chinese medicine culture inheritor, film producer, chief producer Li Wenyi, Asia World Film & Television & Jin Baina Film and Television and meet first, surprise New Year, life if only as first!


The famous doctor, inheriting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, writing the new chapter of the creative century, cooperated with the health care inheritance team under the central leadership of Beijing 301 Hospital to promote the application and development of appropriate TCM technology, treated more than 3,900 kinds of difficult diseases that can not be solved by Western medicine over the years, and created many miracles of Chinese Chinese medicine.


National reserve famous doctor, healthy China, happy family.



Stroke sequelae of myocardial infarction, leukemia, various cancers, cerebral palsy, severe depression, deafness, mute, thrombosis specialist alliance, rehabilitation of stroke hemiplegia, lupus erythematosus, cancer and other difficult diseases, the national reserve famous doctor is committed to cultural inheritance, brand guarantee, contract service, invalid refund.


Dalian, Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou can make an appointment for treatment, welcome peer referral.

一元复始,万象更新”。2024年春节即将到来,回顾2023年,回顾往昔我们不忘初心,艰苦奋斗,取得了一些成就,令世界瞩目的伟大成就,展望未来,我们任重道远。2024年我们将近迎来更加艰难的一年,更严峻的挑战,路虽难,行则将至,新的起点、新的目标和新的希望。我们将一如既往只争朝夕,不负韶华,逐梦前行。喜迎2024年全国两会的到来,宏扬大国医术 让微针祛栓中医适宜技术应用推广到全社会服务大众,以典范——辽宁国储名医集团 董事长李文艺为荣,共同推动中国健康产业的发展与繁荣。祝愿大家2024年新春快乐,万事如意,阖家幸福!

When the New Year begins, everything is renewed ". The Spring Festival of 2024 is coming. Looking back on the year 2023, we have stayed true to our original aspiration and made some achievements that have attracted the attention of the world. Looking forward to the future, we have a long way to go. In 2024, we will face a more difficult year and more severe challenges. Although the road is difficult, we will come to a new starting point, new goals and new hopes. We will, as always, seize the day, live up to our time, and pursue our dreams. To celebrate the arrival of the NPC and CPPCC in 2024, the company promote the application of appropriate technology of traditional Chinese medicine to the whole society to serve the public, honor the model —— Li Wenyi, chairman of Liaoning National Reserve Medical Group, and jointly promote the development and prosperity of China's health industry. I wish you all a happy New Year in 2024, all the best and a happy family!





Consolidate the strength of China, implement the Healthy China Plan, and lead the development direction of the medical and health industry. Chairman Li Wenyi was invited to participate in the 2023 China Medical and Health Industry Forum, where he gathered with various sectors at Chongming Island, a world health tourism destination in Shanghai, As a new inheritor of traditional Chinese medicine culture, the renowned physician of the National Reserve, along with five academicians including Huang Zhengming, the lifetime honorary president of the China Medical Education Association, Liu Lailan of the National Health Commission, and more than 1000 entrepreneurs from all walks of life, will discuss the future of China's health and wellness. New and old friends will meet to raise glasses and drink freely, with the aim of promoting a better future for China's traditional Chinese medicine and wellness industry, benefiting China, and sharing the world.



To comprehensively promote the development of health industry, response xi general secretary "no health, there is no comprehensive well-off" and " to advocate healthy and civilized way of life, set up the concept of big health, health, the cure to people's health as the center, establish and improve the health education system, improve the health literacy."And" the call to uphold the concept of a community of human health and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind ". We will further explore the advanced models emerging in the capacity building of clinical frontline and grassroots TCM services, carry forward the spirit of "great medicine and sincerity", tell stories about TCM well, and convey the positive energy of TCM, so that people can love, believe in and benefit from TCM more.

特别报道大国医术 微针祛栓 中医适宜技术应用的典范——辽宁国储名医集团 董事长李文艺。

Special report on the model of TCM application of microneedle clearing technology —— Liaoning State Reserve Famous doctor Group.


中央电视台直播网报道 客座教授


He is Li Wenyi, chairman of Liaoning State Reserve Famous Inheritance Group and Liaoning State Reserve Fukang Hospital Management Group



Fukang Tang, a famous state reserve doctor, is a medical institution providing the treatment of stroke hemiplegia, which is considered to be one of the preferred medical institutions in China. They have a medical team composed of well-known domestic stroke experts, with advanced medical equipment and technology, dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of stroke hemiplegia. Fukang Tang, a famous national reserve doctor, has accumulated rich experience in the treatment of stroke hemiplegia, and adopts personalized and comprehensive treatment plans to help patients restore their functions and improve their quality of life. Therefore, the famous doctor Fukang Tang is one of the preferred medical institutions in China.



The team of famous medical experts led by Li Wenyi not only has rich experience in clinical practice, but also makes important achievements in the theoretical research of traditional Chinese medicine. He deeply studied the ancient medical books and classic books, combined the traditional Chinese medicine knowledge with the modern science, and provided new ideas and methods for the development of traditional Chinese medicine.



As a disciple of Sun Wenyi, Li Wenyi is also a visiting professor and academician expert of the Chinese Academy of Management. As the chairman of the famous doctor, Li Wenyi, he has made outstanding contributions to the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine culture with the spirit of integrity, innovation and perseverance. Under his leadership, the national reserve doctor actively explored the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, committed to combining the application of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge with modern medicine, and promoted the development of the health management of chronic and difficult diseases in the middle-aged and elderly.


The store doctor Li Wenyi chairman, from national physician teacher Sun Qianru old gentleman, inheriting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, following the genesis Marty natalegawa, Sun Qianru old expert for Beijing 301 hospital the central leadership of health care, life committed to the study of traditional Chinese medicine, to promote the development of appropriate technology application of traditional Chinese medicine, over the years cure more than 3900 cases of western medicine cannot solve the incurable disease, create many miracle of Chinese medicine. Stroke myocardial infarction sequelae, leukemia, lupus erythematosus, all kinds of cancer, cerebral palsy, severe depression, deafness and mute we are an effective, contract treatment, invalid refund.


The national reserve famous doctor, Dalian, Shenyang, Shanghai and Guangzhou can make an appointment for treatment, welcome peer referral, so that the sick patients rescued from suffering, so that the family back to poverty due to illness to get the hope of life.









As an inheritor of TCM culture, Li Wenyi attaches great importance to the traditional cultural value of TCM. He actively participates in the international exchange and cooperation of TCM, and promotes the dissemination and exchange of TCM culture around the world. He is also committed to cultivating TCM talents and inheriting the valuable experience and technology of TCM.


Li Wenyi won the honor of inheritor of traditional Chinese medicine culture, which is the recognition and affirmation of his outstanding contribution to the cause of traditional Chinese medicine over the years. His achievements not only set an example for the development of TCM, but also inject new vitality into the inheritance and innovation of TCM culture.



Character introduction: Li Wenyi, Inheritor of Traditional Chinese medicine culture, visiting professor of Chinese Academy of Management Science, senior Traditional Chinese medicine doctor, 100 Special Medical Contribution Award winner of China Famous Medical Network, famous commercial real estate planning and actual combat expert in Northeast China, Chairman of Liaoning State Reserve Famous Doctor Inheritance Health Industry (Group) Co., LTD., State Reserve Fukang Hospital Management Group (Liaoning) Co., LTD.,Chairman of China Patent Alliance for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases, The application advocate of the first prize of science and technological innovation of the National Health Commission, Co-founder of Shi Xuemin, the "Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine", an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, A practitioner of the development of rehabilitation Center of Kangping Rongtong ChronicDisease Rapid Treatment Center of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, "Belt and Road" Ambassador of Traditional Chinese medicine culture communication, and served as the president of Cultural Industry Association of Liaoning Chamber of Commerce, vice chairman of Northeast District of African Business Union and other social positions.




Visit Li Wenyi, chairman of Liaoning State Reserve Inheritance Health Industry (Group) Co., LTD People's life, in the vast history of the long river, like a meteor in the sky a flash is fleeting. Although life is short, but everyone is interpreting their own life story.


The famous scientist Albert Einstein said: " Only by contributing to the society can people find out the short and dedicated meaning of life.”


Comrade Lei Feng, a good soldier of the people, said, " We must devote our limited life to serving the people indefinitely.”


nowadays, In northeast Liaoning, There is one such an entrepreneur, He took the dissemination of TCM culture as his own responsibility, Based on the headquarters of Medical and Health Care Industry Alliance (Beijing) + Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Alliance + Community Rehabilitation Center Alliance, 100 famous Chinese medicine teachers, Online consultation, Offline therapy, Innovative application of therapy as the core value of Guochu Fukang Chronic Disease Treatment and Diabetes Characteristic Treatment and Rehabilitation Management Specialty Alliance Industry Group, In particular, a number of experts from the Group have developed a set of safe, systematic and standard treatment plan"microneedle thrombolysis 3.0" —— State Reserve Fukang holographic pulse therapy, With the support and promotion of the Chronic Disease Rapid Treatment and Rehabilitation Center of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Is expected to become a standard of specialized medical standards, And will build a national specialist alliance for the treatment of chronic diseases such as thrombosis, The vision of the development of the National Reserve Medical Group and the National Reserve Fukang Hospital Management Group " enableshundreds of millions of patients with chronic diseases, diabetes and other difficult diseases to regain health, Let thousands of families who return to poverty due to illness to regain the hope of life."



In the first half of his life, Li Wenyi is a successful person in the business community. In the 1990s, Li Wenyi was a factory secretary of a large state-owned enterprise, In the eyes of ordinary people, this post is worthy of public hope, He was unwilling, however, Innovation, change and development is hidden in Li Wenyi's bones, During the rapid development period of reform and opening up, Li Wenyi invested in the cultural industry, Breaking the history of radio broadcasting at 22 pm in northern China, He ated the first midnight emotional show, "Little Lights," In the age of national football madness, First live radio football show, At the time of Dalian, LiWenyi was invited to be the first general manager of Dalian Centennial City Group, a landmark building and commercial project, First proposed the introduction of Taiwan Pacific Department Store for North China, And has laid a solid foundation for the development and excavation of Wanda commercial chain, Turning the impossible into a reality, Dalian and the fashion culture of the whole northeast opened to feel the world without going to Hong Kong, And in the domestic shopping center to open theworld famous products center, It has opened a new international business model for Dalian. Later, Li Wenyi have successfully planned, Dalian Wenzhou commercial city, Shenyang, Dalian xinghai square, futures building plaza, international auto city, international building city, Dalian lushun wetland park, qianshan international hot spring resort, Shenyang chessboard mountain scenic resort and other famous brand project, forty years of business experience, honed out the Li Wenyi strong, indomitable,wise quality and character, open the next half wonderful life for him to consolidate the foundation.

抓住机遇  成就精彩

Seize the opportunity and make wonderful achievements


Recalling the past, the long wind hunting, horseshoe dada, this land had galloped on the iron horse of the Nuzhen people, the Qing Dynasty set out from here to unify the country. Look at the present. The Liaoning and the first domestically built aircraft carrier both sailed from here, and the J-15 carrier-based aircraft soared into the sky from here. Liu Changchun, the first player of the Chinese Olympic Games, table tennis grand Slam player Ma Long, shooting famous Wang Yifu, more Lei Feng, Meng Tai, Guo Mingyi, Luo Yang... these familiar names make people feel Liaoning this hot land of outstanding people.



In 2019, the Healthy China Initiative was launched, and all parts of the country responded positively. In December 2019, Liaoning issued the Implementation Plan for the Healthy Liaoning Action in the name of the provincial government."Scheme" requires further implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council health China strategic deployment and the provincial party committee, the provincial government construction health Liaoning work requirements, adhere to the new era of health and health policy, in order to improve the level of the provincial people's health as the core, with personal self-discipline,prevention, optimization service, sharing as the basic path, strengthen the government, society, personal health responsibility, advocate healthy civilized lifestyle, prevention and control of major diseases, in the province form conducive to healthy lifestyle, ecological environment and social environment, all-round full cycle to ensure the provincial people's health. The main health indicators of residents in the province will rank among the top in China by 2022 and reach the level of high-income countries by 2030.



Every easy way, walk together with The Times. After forty years in business, Li Wenyi was keenly aware that China was rapidly aging, The development of the health industry is imminent, Three years of COVID-19 has shown the world the breadth and depth of Chinese medicine, To discover the treasure of traditional Chinese medicine, Inheriting the TCM therapy, Using appropriate TCM technology to relieve people's health damage, psychological pain and heavy money burden caused by cardiovascular, cerebral thrombosis and diabetes pain, Li Wenyi joined hands with many famous doctors, the inheritors of Bian Que and the descendants of medicine king Sun Simiao, Initiated and established the inheritance expert team ofnational reserve and famous doctors, Create a professional and systematic treatment of chronic diseases, The "holographic blood stasis removal and pulse treatment" law aims to help hundreds of millions of patients with chronic diseases such as thrombosis, diabetes and cancer to regain a healthy life, Let tens of millions of families back to poverty due to illness regain hope.


The store famous doctor group FuKang hall into the central plains of Zhengzhou, and Henan RongAn group, slow disease fast cure rehabilitation prevention and functional medicine regenerative medicine and stem cells, and by the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences Wu Zuze, wang, tao ran, led by clinical experts, fusion development, Dalian ground clinical, power Liaoning revitalization, healthy China.


Fukangtang, a famous doctor of the State Reserve, carefully promoted the win-win project, to bring good news for patients with chronic diseases and difficult diseases such as cerebral infarction, stroke, hemiplegia and thrombosis, diabetes, rheumatic bone pain and rhinitis. No injection, no operation, no surgery, pure traditional Chinese medicine characteristics.

国储福康“三联疗法” 由中国工程院院士国药大师石学敏的法定继承人博士生导师当代名医领导的团队创建,国家卫健委科技一等奖《境化疗愈法》生命全周期管理临床推广,并由国储名医代表中国中医科学院慢病快治中心康复中心全国孵化,中央主要媒体全国推广的国储福康“微针祛栓”3.0版中医适宜技术。无风险、无疼痛、无损伤、无副作用;花费少,疗效显著,一次见效,让患者重获健康生活。


The store fu kang "triple therapy" by the Chinese Academy of Engineering medicine master shi legal heir doctoral supervisor contemporary famous doctor leadership team, national WeiJianWei science and technology first prize in the border chemotherapy method life cycle management clinical promotion, and by the store famous doctor on behalf of China academy of traditional Chinese medicine slow disease fast treatment center rehabilitation center across the country, the central main media the promotion of store fu kang "microneedle dispel bolt" version 3.0 appropriate technology of traditional Chinese medicine. No risk, no pain, no damage, no sideNational Reserve Fukang Hospital (Management) Group has offer preferential public services.


Healthy connotation of China, is not only to ensure that people's health, more covers all the people's health environment, health, health, health, health, literature, anything and development of the tortuous development, not plain sailing, development in trouble, grow in adversity, the development of Chinese medicine is a good proof.


In June 2023, the headquarters of the sixth District of Dalian North Famous Doctor Group was established and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Inheritance Training Center of Kangyi Group (General Hospital) was settled in Wafangdian City.


专业专注  拥抱未来

Professional focus, embrace the future


You can't get porcelain without diamonds. After many sleepless nights and hardships, Li Wenyi don't forget to beginner's mind, self-motivated, he set various advantage resources, on the basis of the store doctor group development, rapid development into the whole industry chain ecology, from a big health enterprise upgrade to professional medical management service platform, from a single Shenyang hospital specialty into a clinic, medical specialist, a variety of forms of cooperation organization of medical enterprise group. To build distinctive specialties, such as thrombosis, diabetes,rheumatism bone pain, cancer rehabilitation, medical cosmetology and other distinctive specialties. At the same time, due to his excellent moral character, he is also lucky to become the promoter and practitioner of the Chronic Disease Rehabilitation Center of the Chronic Disease Rapid Treatment Center of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Northeast China.



The store kang "holographic in addition to the blood stasis pulse therapy" main treatment stroke hemiplegia and thrombosis caused by a variety of chronic diseases, the therapy is the traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and technology, with collateral negative pressure tank needle, nerve needle, aponeurosis pick (cut) blade needle, tendoneurosis needle equipment and needle equipment with related Chinese medicine treatment and TCM physiotherapy superposition, for stroke sequelae, coronary artery ischemic disease, especially heart stent replacement therapy, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc protrusion and other related cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc protrusion and other related .


Chronic Disease Quick Treatment Center and Rehabilitation Center of Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Liaoning Kangping Rongtong Health Industry Group, Liaoning Guochu Fukang Hospital Management (Group) Co., Ltd., Ltd., adhering to the concept of "healthy China, happy family", help to promote the development of China's health cause and benefit the people of the world.


The main core value of "holographic blood stasis removal therapy" is the integration of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shi Xuemin, a master of Traditional Chinese medicine, said, "awakening the brain", And Mr.Shi's legal heir, Chinese contemporary famous doctor, the national Chinese medicine appropriate technology key recommended influential figures, the national society of traditional Chinese medicine tumor professional committee member, descendants of acupuncture Han Jian nine "triple therapy", national physician master Gu Zhishan disciple Zhang Guangyuan (a needle) "one needle therapy", Liaoning Chinesemedicine professor tian wei acupuncture clinical experts hu clinical experience, To traditional stab blood cupping, With the help of modern high-tech equipment, According to the pathological factors of blood stasis, liver wind and phlegm turbidity in stroke hemiplegia patients, To blind the mind, God does not guide, And the rules of treatment and acupuncture methods adopted, It emphasizes the quantitative specification of the acupuncture technique, To realize pure traditional Chinese medicine therapy for various chronic diseases.


look forward to the future, Li Wenyi will lead the team of health experts and be interested in the big health industry, Promotion of traditional Chinese medicine culture, People from all walks of life who love appropriate technology promotion, Follow the " more exquisite treatment technology, the treatment and rehabilitation of a more stable effect, High-level leading, universal benefit for the people " the guiding ideology, With Dalian as its headquarters, Shenyang as the base, With Beijing as the administrative center, Create a high-end medical window in Shanghai, By entering the Hainan International Port, Towards the "Belt and Road", To build aspecialized industrial alliance for chronic disease treatment with innovative application of pure TCM green therapy as the core value, Puhui wan family, Serving the world, To realize the self-confidence and self-improvement of the national culture, To contribute to the realization of the great Chinese dream.





Chairman Li Wenyi is the responsibility to keep the great health of the whole people, strives for excellence, makes progress in the industry, strives to be perfect, and makes every effort to carry forward, promote, excavate and inherit the culture of traditional Chinese medicine. We will promote the spread of traditional Chinese medicine culture in academic exchanges among ethnic groups, and help and help the spread, so as to raise their awareness, change outdated ideas, and promote the healthy development of ethnic groups. Adhering to the "benefit the world, help the world in the people" purpose, adhere to the patient as the basis, to provide the life and health of the masses of the people to provide quality,intimate service, adhere to the "simple and dedicated, medicine can dispel diseases" medical concept, benefit the side of the people!

We welcome win-win cooperation between friends at home and abroad. Famous national reserve doctors are willing to cultivate and train more people who love the cause of traditional Chinese medicine. With wechat xingmeichina, we will benefit the traditional Chinese medicine to the people of the world and contribute to building a community of shared future for the people of the world.


Finally, Chairman Li Wenyi said that 2023 is an unusual year, the hardest and the worst, but it is the best year for the next three to five years.


The year 2023 is coming to an end. Happy is the theatrical film "Love at 3:30", which is waiting out of the fog and becomes the final New Year's film released nationwide! For me founded the store famous doctor inheritance group has too many imperfect, too many unpleasant, of course, god comes to him who pays off, as a cultural heritage of traditional Chinese medicine, won the many honors issued by the state, has become a well-known TCM brand, these spur inspired me all the way forward determination, life for the courage of Chinese medicine to the world.




Life is short, the first half of his life Li Wenyi with his diligence and efforts, struggle and wisdom, created one miracle after another, wrote a song of life struggle. The East wants to dawn, don't ask you to go early. In 2023, because of love, so pay; Chinese culture with the inheritance of TCM culture and the promotion and application of TCM technology, jointly build the dream of great rejuvenation, build a world community, blessing 2024. Joy 2024, together to the future.

2023-10-082023京津冀赛车节暨秦皇岛首钢产城融合示范园 在首钢赛车谷启动
2023京津冀赛车节暨秦皇岛首钢产城融合示范园 在首钢赛车谷启动...[详细]